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I'M S0... EM0. I'M SUCH A FREAK. BUT I x3 Y0U.


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Vanessa __* Vanii
17.o2.93 __* 4zehn
1.64 __* 63kq
blau äugig __* rotblond
RSN __* 9b
maq Chemie __* haszt Mathe

she likes to be crazy funny sensible strange happy beautiful impossible lovely horrible

she loves vanilla icecream, chocolat, cake, sweet clothes, handbags & shoes , titanic, step up, dirty dancing, christmasz, Pieces of me, When there was me & you, Supergirl

she hates pistazien, avocado, nerds & a few other things...

i'm still goin' crazy,
step by step.
nothing can hold me here
because i'm that kind of girl
that rules her world alone.
i'm that kind of girl,
that goes her way-
I'm still goin' crazy,
i will never be lazy.
I'm in my own FREAKSHOW!.